Baptism Favors Handmade Rosary Bracelet Set of 6 Assorted Color Denarios

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These cute rosaries are the perfect gift for your guests.

Handmade, adjustable and decorated to be usable as a bracelet. It can be a gift for an adult woman, teen or for a girl.

They are made with a cotton yarn with joyful colors to make them a unique and special accessory.

This is a useful piece that will not end in the trunk of memories, the recipient will be happy and grateful to so beautiful detail.

The denarius (also known as denarius or decade) is a small bracelet of Colombian origin consisting of ten knots. In South America, where they come from, they are used as prayer beads. Originally they are made of terlenca thread, and from them hang a small cross by auction or ring that is used to take it on the finger and keep track of what is said.

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