Friendship Bracelets Wide Lot Mix Bracelet Handcrafted in Peru Acrylic Pack of 50 Bag Assorted

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  • Friendship Bracelets  Wide Acrylic Assortment 50 Unit Pack
  • Assorted Friendship Bracelets Peru Hand Made 50 Pack
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Combinations of vibrant colors are handwoven to create these stunning acrylic friendship bracelets.
Friendship bracelets are decorative bracelets made from cotton thread. They are exchanged all over the world as symbols of friendship and peace, mostly among young adults. Traditionally, friendship bracelets are handmade, so that the friend wearing the bracelet has a gift of time and energy as well as ornamentation. Friendship bracelets should be worn until they wear through and fall off naturally, a process which can take anywhere from a few months to over a year, depending on how the bracelet is made and worn.





Assorted colors
Price is per bag of 50 bracelets
100% acrylic

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