Headband Hand Embroidered Huancavelica Floral Patterned One Size

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  • Embroidered Headband Assortment Wool Woven Adjustable Elatic Band
  • Embroidered Headband Assorted Colors Floral Patterns Wool Hand Embroidered
  • Embroidered Peru Headband Assorted Peru Sanyork Fair Trade Floral
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Embroidered Assorted Headbands Wool Lined Hand Made Peru

Product Description

  • Colorful headbands with unique embroidery works in 100% Wool
  • Assorted colors unique patterns and easy to wear outdoor
  • Fair traded artisan hand made in Peru.
  • 2.5" x 7.5" expandable One Size Headband


Product Features

  • Fine hand woven and embroidered headband in an assortment of colors with fine floral patterns.
  • Each one  is hand made in unique colors.
  • Artisan made and produced under fair trade standards.
  • Made in rural Peru
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