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Mats 100% Wool 10" x 10" Hand Woven Assorted Colors Peru Fair Trade Placemats

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  • 10" x 10" Lamp Table Mats Assorted Colors Medallion Pattern Natural Dyes
  • 10" x 10"  Mat in 100% Wool Natural Pigments Fair Trade Hand Loomed Peru
  • Handwoven Wool Placemats Made in Peru Tableware Textiles


  • Natural pigments and mineral dyes interwoven weft and warp wool yarns represent Inca artistry with elegant allure, making these woolen placemats treasures.
  • By Peruvian master weaver Daniel Cateno, these placemats are handcrafted on a pedal loom while his hands guide the pre-Hispanic patterns.
  • Handwoven with centuries of Andean tradition, each piece is unique and made with hand-dyed wool using natural pigments. 
  • These quality weavings are exclusive to the artists at the Sanyork Studios in Lima, Peru.
  • 100% wool
  • Dyed using natural pigments only
  • Assorted colors and designs
  • 10"x10" (Sizes may vary slightly)
  • Sold individual units (Not sets) assorted
  • The many shades of color present in these creations are produced by skillfully mixing natural dyes extracted from diverse plants such as the cochineal insect, nogal leaves and the Andean molle tree.
  • Exceptionally tasteful, these placemats make an excellent gift.


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