Fair trade – Incazteca was created to be much more than just a great value import gift store. Our mission is to offer uniquely beautiful merchandise, high-quality styles and variety without the exploitation of workers and the environment that too often goes with the territory. We believe paying people fairly and treating each person with respect and dignity should be a prerequisite for doing business, period. We aim to advocate for amazingly talented artisans who aren’t in the position to advocate on their own behalf. The items in our shop are beautiful and all handcrafted by small producer groups or individual artisans who are paid a living wage for their labor under safe working conditions. This living wage allows them to meet basic needs such as clean water, education, medical care, etc. Fair trade also helps defeat the problems of human trafficking, forced child labor, slavery and illegal immigration. We believe that if we change the way we make our purchases, we can help make the world a better place!

Environmental stewardship – We believe to our core that, in addition to treating the workers of the world fairly, it’s important to be good caretakers of our planet. That’s why we offer organic ecofriendly artisan made products. We use natural-fibers, recycled yarns, organic materials to produce fair trade made artifacts and accessories that promote a culture of sustainability from dirt to shirt. Embracing this culture supports everything from organic cotton fields in Northern Peru to traditional alpaca herders in the Andes to an artisan weaving facility in Puebla, Mexico.

Education - We believe…no, actually we know because we’ve seen it...that education is the key to lifting individuals and whole communities out of poverty. incazteca financially supports education in the communities where our products are made. We devote 5 % of our profits to pay for teachers’ salaries, buy school uniforms and classroom supplies, fund scholarships by paying for school tuition and provide equipment for a computer lab in two schools in Peru.

Fair Trade Partners - We purchase or produce the products we sell outright, paying half at the time of order and the other half upon delivery from producers (i.e., Co-ops, independent artisans). This allows the producers to sustain their lives while they create the products. Fair trade vendors such as our partners, Peruvian Fair Trade and Sanyork Fair Trade, have been providing vital and fair income to the people in Peru and Mexico by working to form Co-ops to create products that will export to other countries, teaching the local crafts people business skills and granting loans to new Co-ops.


Store Hours:

We sell online and are always open. Please email at

If you make a purchase, you can pick it up at our warehouse in 1855 or 1849 South Broadway. (9-5 M-F) PH (303) 308- 1888

Incazteca reinvests an average of 50-60% of the sales price on all products we sell with the producers of the artisan products. Rarely is this unique and beautiful merchandise available elsewhere. We present our customers with great finds at superior value. The high percentage of profits reinvested to support these skilled craftspeople allows them to reap the rewards of their excellent work while preserving for the world a valuable cultural heritage.

When you purchase incazteca's items, enjoy their beauty and craftsmanship, and also know that you have helped improve the lives of people around the world.

Better Business Bureau - The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that works with businesses and consumers to set high standards of conduct in the marketplace. The BBB seal is a trusted symbol of excellence in how businesses should treat the public – with fairness and honesty. Incazteca is proud to earn an A+ rating from BBB.